Iridium Extreme 9575 Emergency SOS Options

Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone can be set up to alert others in case of emergency.

Before setting up your satellite phone, watch this video first:

There are two options for Emergency action:

  • use GEOS for Emergency Monitoring (subscription may be required), or
  • set up your own contacts who will be contacted after the Emergency Mode is activated.

How to set up Iridium Extreme Emergency Options:

From the phone's main screen go to Menu > Setup > Location Options > Emergency Options. The following menu settings are available:

  • Emergency Mode: Activate the emergency mode (same action as pressing the red SOS button on the top of the phone). When the emergency mode is activated, this menu item will change to Cancel Emergency.
  • Emergency Actions: Select whether you want the phone to call, send text messages or both.
  • Emergency Beep: Select whether you want the phone to beep when the emergency mode is activated.
  • Message Recipient: Enter up to 3 phone numbers (in format +[country-code][area-code][number]) to which you would like text messages to be sent while in the emergency mode.
  • Call Recipient: Enter the phone number to which you would like the phone to call while in the emergency mode.
  • GEOS Service: Select whether you want to use the GEOS service. If you select Use, the GEOS number will be automatically set up as Call Recipient and as one of the Message Recipients. You will also need to register with GEOS Emergency Monitoring at

Please note that GEOS service is not related to your Iridium service, so additional subscription and use fees may apply if you end up using GEOS services. More information can be obtained by contacting GEOS directly.


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