What Iridium GO! can & can't do

What you CAN do with Iridium GO!

  • Make / receive satellite voice calls directly from your smartphone
  • Make / receive text messages from your smartphone
  • Send / receive simple emails using Iridium Mail & Web (free) or SATTMail (premium) app (you can forward your Gmail emails to Iridium-assigned inbox and respond from there)
  • Limited web browsing (BUT no interactive or media rich websites, no secure (https) websites)
  • Use specialized apps such as weather alerts and routing (via PredictWind), etc.

What you CAN’T do with Iridium GO!

  • CAN'T connect your laptop with free Iridium Mail & Web. Premium SATTMail software suite must be used for laptop connectivity.
  • CAN'T directly access your Gmail account or similar webmail accounts. You can forward mail to your Iridium or SATTMail mail account.
  • CAN'T use most of your smartphone/tablet apps that require broadband internet connection
  • CAN'T access any modern secure (https) websites, such as for banking, trading, etc.
  • CAN'T watch videos, browse and send/receive medium-to-large size pictures, videos, PDFs
  • CAN'T use messaging apps (Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.), including video chats.
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