Thuraya Prepaid Plans, Balance and Renewal Rules

Please be aware of the following rules for Thuraya prepaid plans:

  • Validity period. All Thuraya prepaid plans have a validity period, which is 1 year for PREPAY & NOVA plans, and 5 years for the BACKUP plan. The validity period starts from the date of the first call for new accounts or from the renewal date for existing accounts.
  • Zero balance. When the prepaid balance reaches 0, the account will remain active until its next renewal date, however, no chargeable calls or messages will be possible.
  • Account renewal fees. All Thuraya prepaid plans have a renewal fee, which is deducted from the account prepaid balance upon anniversary. The renewal fee for PREPAY & NOVA plans is $39 (annually), for BACKUP - $120 (every 5 years). The renewal fee for PREPAY & NOVA plans is waived if the account consumed more than $1,500-worth of airtime during the previous year.
  • If on the renewal date the account's balance is lower than the amount of the renewal fee, the account will enter a 90-day grace period, during which no chargeable calls or messages can be made. Receiving free inbound calls or messages will still be possible.
  • If the account is recharged with more airtime within the 90-day grace period, the existing balance will be restored (less the renewal fee amount).
  • If the account is NOT reloaded within the 90-day grace period, the entire unused balance will be reset to zero and the account will become permanently deactivated. The subscriber will have to pay the price of a new SIM to reactivate their SIM-card and the previous phone number may be lost.
  • Dormancy (inactivity) Fee. Starting August 1, 2019, all Thuraya prepaid accounts are subject to a Dormancy Fee. The $19 monthly dormancy fee will be charged to any account that hasn't been used for chargeable activity for more than 12 months. More information.
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