Thuraya Prepaid Plans, Balance and Renewal Rules

Please be aware of the following rules for Thuraya prepaid plans:

  • Initial prepaid credit. Upon activation, all Thuraya prepaid accounts are loaded with $10 of prepaid balance, which will be valid ONLY for the first 30 days after the first call.
  • Validity period. All Thuraya prepaid plans have a validity period, which is 1 year for PREPAY & NOVA plans, and 5 years for the BACKUP plan. The validity period starts from the date of the first call for new accounts or from the renewal date for existing accounts.
  • Zero balance. If the account's prepaid balance reaches 0, the account will remain active until its next renewal date, however, no chargeable (outbound) calls or messages will be allowed.
  • Account Renewal Fee. All Thuraya prepaid plans have a renewal fee, which is deducted from the account prepaid balance upon account anniversary. The renewal fee for PREPAY & NOVA plans is $39 (annually), for BACKUP - $120 (every 5 years). The renewal fee for PREPAY & NOVA plans is waived if the account consumed more than $1,500-worth of airtime during the previous year.
  • Dormancy (inactivity) Fee. All Thuraya prepaid accounts are subject to a Dormancy Fee. The $19 MONTHLY Dormancy Fee will be charged to any account that hasn't been used for chargeable activity for more than 12 months. More information.
  • 365-day Grace Period. If at the time of renewal the account's balance is smaller than the renewal fee, the account will enter a 365-day grace period, during which outbound calls or messages will NOT be allowed. Receiving free inbound calls or messages will still be possible.
  • Prepaid Balance Restoration. If the account is recharged with more airtime within the first 90 days of the grace period, the previous prepaid balance will be restored after the renewal fee is deducted.
  • Account Deactivation. If the account is NOT recharged within the 365-day grace period, the previous prepaid balance will be reset to zero and the account will become permanently deactivated. To reactivate the same SIM-card, a reactivation fee equal to the price of a new prepaid plan will have to be paid.

Last update: January 2024

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