Changes to Thuraya Prepaid Plans - Apr 2019

In April 2019, Thuraya made changes to its PREPAY and NOVA prepaid tariff plans.

For PREPAY Plan, on April 1, 2019:

  • In-network (Thuraya) calling rate call increased from $0.99 to $1.19 per minute.

For NOVA Plan, on April 10, 2019:

  • The initial amount of pre-loaded airtime decreased from $20 to $10.
  • The account renewal fee increased from $10 to $39, charged annually (instead of biennially previously).
  • Country of Mali is NO longer a discounted calling rate origination area.

These changes apply to both new and existing subscribers.

Things to consider:

  • If you already have an active NOVA plan and your next renewal date falls after April 10, 2019, your account will be renewed at the new rules, so make sure you have sufficient prepaid balance for the increased renewal fee.

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