Validity of Thuraya prepaid airtime

On April 1, 2019 Thuraya will introduce a new balance expiration policy of Thuraya prepaid accounts.

Historically, Thuraya prepaid balance has remained valid indefinitely as long as the corresponding prepaid account (SIM-card) has remained active and had sufficient balance for regular renewal fees. This will no longer be the case!

Starting April 1, 2019, Thuraya prepaid balances will expire if they are not recharged regularly. Each Thuraya prepaid voucher will now have a validity time period by which they will extend the validity of the existing prepaid balance (see table below).

Prepaid Voucher Validity Time Extension
10 units 180 days
20 units 365 days
39 units 365 days
50 units 365 days
80 units 365 days
160 units 365 days
500 units 365 days
1000 units 365 days
2500 units 365 days

Thuraya prepaid subscribers will now have to recharge their accounts regularly in order to keep positive account balance on their accounts. Upon prepaid account recharge, the old balance will be combined with the new voucher value and the balance validity will be extended by the new voucher validity time.

We now recommend that a $50 Thuraya recharge be made annually by every Thuraya prepaid subscriber in order to keep their balance active and have sufficient balance for the $39 annual renewal fee (PREPAY and NOVA).

Transition actions

For current subscribers, the following balance expiry dates will apply, based on each account activity, recharge date and amount of the balance. (see table below)

Last chargeable call/SMS activity Last account recharge Current balance Balance Expiry Date
Any date Mar 5, 2017 to Mar 31, 2019 Any Mar 31, 2020
Mar 5, 2018 to Mar 5, 2019 Any date Any Mar 31, 2020
Before Mar 5, 2018 Before Mar 5, 2017 <$100 Mar 5, 2019
Before Mar 5, 2018 Before Mar 5, 2017 $100-$500 Apr 5, 2019
Before Mar 5, 2018 Before Mar 5, 2017 >$500 Apr 15, 2019

IMPORTANT: Action recommended by Mar 5, 2019!

In order to prevent any unintended loss of prepaid balances, SATTRANS strongly recommends that one of the following actions be performed on every Thuraya prepaid account (SIM) by March 5, 2019:

  • Recharge your Thuraya account with minimum $20 of prepaid airtime, OR
  • Make a chargeable call or send a text message (SMS) from your Thuraya phone (Calls and messages to free service numbers will NOT qualify).

Should you have any additional questions on the new policy, please contact us at +1-240-497-0070 or

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