I am not able to send or receive text messages (SMS)

Please follow these tips when having troubles sending or receiving text messages (SMS) on your Iridium satellite phone:

  • Make sure the SMS Service Center number is set up correctly.
  • Check the recipient's phone number: it should be entered in the full international format, e.g. 0014807525105 or +14807525105 (for US numbers).
  • When sending a message from the Iridium phone, the phone must be registered in the Iridium network, otherwise sending will fail.
  • If you have an Iridium 9555 or Extreme phone and can't receive text messages, make sure message folders (Inbox, Outbox and Sent) contain fewer than 30 messages total. Delete some of the messages to free up the space.
  • Some mobile operators restrict sending messages to satellite operators. If you can't receive incoming text messages sent from a cellular phone, check if the sender's carrier has any restrictions on sending SMS to the Iridium satellite network.
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