How to unblock Iridium phone with PIN-blocked SIM-card

If the PIN-code of an Iridium SIM is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the Iridium phone will automatically block the SIM-card.

To unblock the SIM-card, turn on the phone, enter **05* and press the green button. When prompted, enter the eight-digit PUK1 code and press the green button. You will be offered to set up your new PIN-code.

The PUK1 code is usually supplied with your SIM-card upon purchase or activation. If you don't know or can't locate the PUK1 code, please contact the service provider of your SIM-card.

Warning! If incorrect PUK1 code is used 10 times, the SIM-card will be permanently blocked and require replacement and a $100 transfer fee for any unused prepaid balance.

Please note that in order for SATTRANS to provide you with a PUK1 code, your SIM-card must be issued by Sattrans. We cannot provide any information on other providers' SIM-cards. If you don't know your service provider, contact Iridium directly (1-480-752-5155) for assistance.


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