Iridium Extreme 9575 Firmware

Iridium Extreme current firmware:
Model 9575 (manufactured until Dec 2017): HL15002 and lower
Model 9575N (from Dec 2017): HL17001 only!
(Enter *#91# on your phone's keypad to find out the phone's firmware version)

Note: Previously released version HL17001 for the 9575 model has been pulled by Iridium due to technical reasons. All Extreme 9575 phones (except for 9575N) must be reverted back to HL15002 to avoid issues with the handset properly finding the satellite network.

Download the HL15002 firmware update tool and instructions:


  • Iridium Extreme (9575) with f/w HL11001 and later
  • Upgrade tool was tested on Windows 7

List of changes in HL17001:

  • Improved accuracy of reporting when SMS storage on the SIM has reached capacity.
  • Added functionality to allow short codes to be stored in the phonebook, used from the phonebook, and dialed directly.
  • Improved responsiveness to power button press to turn the handset off.
  • Fixed an issue where Location Based Services would not work correctly after a power cycle with the charger connected.
  • Improved reporting of signal strength on the user interface and the AT interface.
  • Fixed an issue where a remote DTMF button press could un-mute a local handset.
  • Use of SBD services is now permitted when no SIM card is present in the handset. (Note: Mobile-Terminated SBD messages are not supported on the Iridium Extreme handset.)
  • Other minor changes (read the instructions document).

WARNING, please read!

  • Read the entire document with instructions before attempting an upgrade!
  • All firmware upgrades, tools and instructions have been designed, produced and provided by Iridium Communications, Inc. By performing a firmware upgrade, you will assume all and any risk. Your equipment may be damaged or bricked and repair may be required. SATTRANS shall not be responsible for any damage to your equipment and/or costs of repair/replacement as a result of firmware upgrades.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

List of changes in previous versions:


  • Calls to the emergency services number “000” are now are permitted when no SIM card is present in the handset.
  • Fixed an issue where sending an SMS at the same time that an SMS was being received would cause an error.
  • Corrected indication of units of distance (meter vs kilometer) in Location Based Services reporting message.
  • Access to the functionality of the AT commands CLIP and CLIR was added to the Intelligent Peripheral protocol.
  • Fixed condition that prevented retrieval of the SIM ICCID using the Intelligent Peripheral protocol.
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