Iridium service (airtime) plans for Iridium GO!

Iridium GO! Satellite Terminal accepts standard Iridium SIM-cards and works with ANY Iridium postpaid or prepaid service plan. Regular airtime rates of your Iridium service plan will apply.

If you intend to use data service with your Iridium GO!, you should make sure with your Iridium service provider that your plan includes data service (usually it's included by default in prepaid plans, but may be disabled in postpaid plans).

Discounted data and text rates for Iridium GO!

If you would like to take advantage of the special pricing for Iridium GO! data calls and text messaging, you must subscribe to a dedicated Iridium GO! plan, such as GO!-400, GO!-1000 or bundled postpaid plans.

Although a SIM-card with GO! rates can be used in other Iridium handsets (9555, Extreme, etc.), the discounted rates will not apply in this case.

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