Iridium GO! Tips & Resources

After you activate your Iridium GO! satellite service, you can use the information below to learn more about how to use your new satellite device.

1. Review this excellent Iridium GO! tutorial video:

2. Visit Iridium GO! product page, scroll down to the bottom of the page or select Resources tab. We recommend that you download and always keep with you for reference: 1) User Manual 2) FAQ & Troubleshooting, 3) Quick Startup Guide and 4) QSG for Iridium GO! app.

3. Install Iridium GO! app on all mobile devices (smartphone and tablets) that you plan to use with your GO! device. You will use this app to control your GO! device, make and receive satellite calls and text messages using your mobile devices and much more.

4. If you plan to use email and web browsing, install Iridium Mail & Web app and Register your free account.

5. SATTMail email & data optimization software is a more robust premium version of Mail & Web. It will also allow you to use your Windows or Mac laptop for email & browsing via GO!

6. Set up or update your SOS emergency settings for the GO! device. The device will prompt you to do so upon powering it on. You can also do it later from the settings using your GO! app.

7. When testing or using the GO! device, make sure that your mobile devices are always connected to the GO! Wi-Fi network – that’s how your tablet or phone communicates with the GO! device. Sometimes, mobile devices tend to fall over to another, faster Wi-Fi network (at home or work), so keep an eye on it. We recommend that all devices are placed in the 'Airplane Mode' first, then the Wi-Fi function is turned on to connect to the GO! device.

8. Iridium GO! Apps: A collection of Iridium-approved mobile apps for effective use of your Iridium GO! device and service.

Should you have any questions, please contact us 1-240-497-0070 or

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